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Getting Started

Every actor that starts training in the studio, begins with a short, intense, one-on-one process directly with Paul. This allows both Paul and the actor to assess if the process is a good mutual fit. There is no benefit to the actor to pay for on-going training unless the benefit of the work is evident. 

Paul focuses on each actor’s instrument, and focuses on the connection between the imagination and the physical experience. By providing high level, effective techniques, the actor then can start immediately adding real tools to their craft. 

Training at Paul Kampf Studios provides both craft and business acuumum. 

One of our most essential beliefs is that the artist must not wait for others to create opportunities. It is essential to maximize one’s talents in whatever areas one desires, and then let real experience teach you the essential lessons.


Failure is never a negative. It is a step towards personal and professional evolution.  

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